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***   Welcome to   ***
A website dedicated to women popping balloons with their beautiful bare feet and shoes, and occasionally bursting them by sitpop, blow2pop, overinflation with pumps and other fun methods of destruction. Check out our video clips if you like seeing gorgeous pedicured toes and soft silky soles stepping on balloons and crushing them.
***  Girls Popping Balloons   ***
These girls have fun popping balloons in public on the street or in parks, and also let it rip in our studio. We have video clips of multiple girls popping balloons, stomping on balloon clusters, bursting large balloons, jumping on balloons with both feet, stepping on water balloons, inshoe crushing, pumping them up (until they explode), squeaky balloons, hard stomping, sitting & bouncing on them, in flip flops or high heels or sneakers, showing off their soles, in nylons or socks, sensual slow popping, pedicured toes, vinyl inflatables and much more...
*** Sample Photos and Video Clip  ***
Below are a couple of preview photos and a barefoot balloon popping sample clip. There`s more to come soon.
Balloons-and-Feet Free Sample Clip
(Girls stepping on balloons in the park -- 30MB -- 720x576 -- Right click and "Save Target as...")

Balloons-and-Feet Video Clip Store